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It contains pornographic images in homosexual matter, with the explicitly fetishistic contents, which can be shocking for an not-informed public.

While entering on this site I certify :

- to be major according to the law in force in my country.
- that the laws of my country authorize to me to reach this site.
- to be informed pornographic character gay BDSM of this site.
- consulter ce site à titre strictement personnel.
- not to mention existence of this site and not to diffuse its contents with minors of it.
- to use all the means allowing to prevent the access to this site minors.

I declare :

- not to be shocked or offended by the pornographic videos gay BDSM.
- to understand that the actors are voluntary and thus eager to take part in the videos.
- to understand that the scenario was established with the assent of the actors.