Convocation for extreme hardcore extreme plan, chained to the wall, detached to the grinder, dragged blindfolded like a shit, lascars laugh and wait for Lope, 2 toilets rimchairs for the occasion, the Lope knows that she will have to spend there to satisfy the lads, barely arrived tail of bitch in the ass, spitting insults, group humiliation, bottle of beer pushed in the ass, a very hard plane, piss in the mouth of mouth, like a sewer erect to swallow without coughing , dragged on the ground under the puppy in the piss, the lads each under their pug will each romp alternately laughing and forcing the Lope to eat, sequence very hard sensitive souls go your way, there are hundreds of videos on the sites that will suit you if the extreme is not your trip ...

In any case it is the trip of the Lope in the sight of what she spit like fuck at the end of the plan.

Posted by HumanToilet - the 06/04/2019 at 11h14

Wow! Merci Maitres! I am sorry I can speak so little French. This is one of the best films for a long time. What is superb is how the Masters are enjoying what they do. I truly hope that one day soon I may be allowed to visit this place and spend a day or full weekend under the seat to take the piss, spit and shit of as many of these guys as possible. This sounds like fantasy but is reality if allowed. Please how do I make this happen. I will visit Nice any weekend where I know this is possible. Please contact me chubsubxxx@gmail.com......I can give number if preference?

Posted by hmurbi75 - the 03/04/2019 at 14h15

A l'attention du Maître Scarla téci, je n'arrive pas à vous contacter si vous voulez bien m'écrire à christbrassart@wanadoo.fr Merci. Mes respects.

Posted by DFdf - the 03/04/2019 at 07h51

I am a slave, I am 19 old, if there is someone that wants use me my email Is peaceforever@live.it

Posted by Scarla téci - the 03/04/2019 at 05h32

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Posted by klausdog - the 31/03/2019 at 18h24

super video le maitre !! l'esclave doit pas jouir en fin il doit seulment souffrir !!

Posted by souspute - the 30/03/2019 at 13h57

Une video trash et no limit. Je confirme ame sensible s’abstenir. Mais pour une sous pute comme moi mon reve serait d’etre le soumis de la video. Les mollards que le boss va chercher au fond de sa gorge on ne peut que kiffer. Sous pute un jour sous pute toujours

Posted by klebart - the 30/03/2019 at 08h54

Superbes les Lascards ,enormes bouzes ,mollards à volonté ,Le Maître pisse ,racle sa gorge ,on ne peut qu'ouvrir son groin pour apprecier ses productions