1st day of the release of bitches, 2 months confined in a cage in their apartments, it has increased tenfold the mentalities of submissive, DOMIADDICT responds present, filth in good standing in application of the rules of social distancing, no boobies in the mouth, a whip of gap between the dominant and soiled, very humiliating and very verbal scene between the boss and the ass of the bitch widely flogged, show of the bitch in front of the master with a dildo, that the boss will kick in the ass, scene so degrading that the lope will soon be enjoying it…

Tomorrow it could be you no longer hesitate, send me your asses….

Posted by lope33700 - the 17/05/2020 at 21h41

Bonjour, J ai envoye ma candidature pour faire lope via le mail : lope33700@gmail.com Vous l avez recu ?

Posted by klausdog - the 16/05/2020 at 19h06

super Boss !! on as bien repris !! woof

Posted by klebart - the 16/05/2020 at 02h59

Pute, connasse ....C doux d'entendre les Maître insulter avec raison la chienne venue se faire fouetter ,j'aimerais prendre aussi des coups ça donne envie d'entendre les commentaires du Boss vénéré